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Thermotron S-16-8200 Temperature Chamber ID_140492

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Thermotron S-16-8200 Temperature Chamber. $13,999
This item is USED. Heats well. Cooling couldn't reach lowest advertised temp. Unknown/untested is refrigerant needs a re-charge. Please see photos.
Item is sold as pictured.
The Thermotron SM-16-8200 Temperature and Humidity Chamber utilizes hermetically sealed compressors that provide moderate temperature change rates while consuming less power than comparable chambers. A heated window provides a clear view of the test area that is illuminated by the interior work-space light. Casters provide mobility and easy move-in capabilities. The Thermotron SM-16-8200 has advanced features such as an electronic humidity sensor and product temperature control that add value and reduce test time and maintenance.
The Thermotron SM-16-8200 Temperature and Humidity Chamber features a controller which makes operation and data collection easy. All desired information is displayed clearly in the high-resolution 7-inch color touchscreen display. This unique main screen allows for the interface to be contained on a single screen to prevent confusing navigation and allowing for magnification of graphs and other data points.
•Interior light to illuminate work space
•Heated window providing clear view with less condensation
•Ethernet connection and USB port
•Hermetically sealed compressors
•No cooling water required
•User-friendly Pop-up keypad for quick and easy data entry
•Graphing capability
Requires Shipment on Pallet (Extra Charge)
or Free Local PickUp
Will Ship International- Contact Us for details.
Technician on Staff to answer your questions.
Asset# 140492
1387 lbs
LOC: Container 8 Cart Shelf 12_07_2020 - RMW