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V-TEK PC-250+ SMD Parts Counter ID_53824 (4/22) JG

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Price: $1,750.00
Model Number : PC-250+
Serial Number : 2008000192
Manufacturer: V-TEK
Dimensions: 33x18x13
Condition: Used


Weight: 15.00 lbs
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V-TEK PC-250+ SMD Parts Counter(4/22)
Minimum part sizes: 2mm x 2mm or 0805 (operator/settings dependent)
Accepts 7" and 13" reel diameters with standard arms.
The design of the PC-250+ allows for bidirectional parts counting, subtracting when the direction of the tape travel is reversed.
It also provides an excellent quality inspection platform.
NOTE: The tape tension arm is loose.

Asset# 53824