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Coherent Verdi V18 SOLID-STATE Diode-Pumped Laser_ID 000119 (1/22)

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Coherent Verdi V18 SOLID-STATE Diode-Pumped Laser.
This unit is operational and came out of a military facility,it was used to create holographic laser images on very thin glass.
We are not allowed to power it up due to safety reasons.
Included is Main unit(power supply) model number VERDI-18W P/N 1123134 S.N.CV070900016 Manufactured on 07/11/2007, Solid State Recirculating Chiller model number T255P3CR S.N. A55291 Manufactured on 10/25/2016 AND Chiller Plate, LASER Model Number VERDI 18W S.N.70627056 Manufactured 08/01/2006 AND Manual, cables and hoses.

Asset# 000119