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Eo Technics GF211 Laser Marker_140167

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Price: $24,999.00
Model Number : GF211....24,999.00
Serial Number : FP17213
Manufacturer: EO Technics
Date of Manufacture: 8/2017
Condition: Used


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Eo Technics GF211 Laser Marker. $24999
GF series is equipped with a diode-pumped pulsed fiber laser for marking on metal and plastic materials.
The air-cooled GF series sytem has a compact dimension so that it can be integrated into any existing handling system or in-line production. Additionally, it has a long lifetime and maintenance-free operation.
Will deliver the best quality marking on plastic as well as metal, including aluminum,stainless steel and titanum.
Laser head Wavelength: 1,064/1,064
Output power(W):10/20 20
Line width:50~150/50~150 Marking area(x):180X180/180X360
Controller:CPUPentium4 /RAM 512MB
HDD: 80GB.
Operating System: Windows XP.

Asset# 140167/BA