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Bliss Dross Downdraft Table Cart 9720-050-11 ID_140474

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Price: $999.00
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Condition: Used


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Bliss Dross Downdraft Table Cart 9720-050-11. $999
This item is USED.
Item is sold as pictured.
Missing internal dross collection receptacle.
Bliss Industries wave solder support equipment was developed to help reduce employee exposure to hazards related to wave solder machine maintenance, including exposure to lead fume particulates in the air and on work surfaces. The Bliss Downdraft Table/Cart is designed to make servicing of the solder pump and pot from the wave solder machine more efficient. The unit attaches to a H.E.P.A. air purification system which prevents the escape of fumes and particulates into the air. The Bliss Dross Cart with Fume Cover is designed to make de-drossing more efficient and eliminates the fumes and particulates that would otherwise escape into the air. The cart provides convenient dross collection from a number of wave solder machines. The baffled fume cover seals the top of the drum and attaches to a vacuum with a H.E.P.A. air purification system that prevents the escape of fumes and particulates. Dross is transferred to the drum through a hinged door in the top cover. The lid for the drum stores conveniently on the cart.
Reduces lead fume exposure
Meets EPA & O.S.H.A. requirements
Contains dross safely
Safe and easy solutions for dedrossing and service of wave solder pump.
Requires Shipment on Pallet (Extra Charge)
or Free Local PickUp
Will Ship International- Contact Us for details.
Technician on Staff to answer your questions.
Asset# 140474
LOC: TBD Cart Shelf 09_25_2020 - RMW