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Aqueous Trident XLD Closed Loop Batch Cleaner w/Rinse Water Recycler _112821

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Model Number : Trident-XLD Closed Loop
Serial Number : 8960
Manufacturer: Aqueous Technologies
Date of Manufacture: 10/08/2012


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Weight: 900.00 lbs
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Aqueous Technologies Trident XLD Batch Washer
Closed Loop Zero Discharge System
Includes Eco-Recycler Rinse Water Recycler-C
Trident-XLD This configuration has become increasingly popular in
recent time due to the increasing restrictions/risks ofeffluent
discharge. The system is configured with
an EcoCycler rinse water recycling system which recirculates and
polishes the water as required. The EcoCycler is both the supply and the drain for the Trident which creates a closed-loop (Zero Discharge)
This configuration is capable of using Chemistry (if required) and cleaning No Clean and Water Soluble flux soils.
NOTE: If cleaning Water Soluble flux soils without chemistry you would want to have a Fresh Water Wash cycle selected in your recipe.
Tanks Not Included
S/N# of washer 8960
MFG 10/08/2012
208VAC, 40A, 3Phase, 60Hz
S/N# of Rinse Water Recycler 8961
MFG 10/08/201
120VAC, 20A, 1PH 60Hz
Trident XLD, a fully closed-loop, zero-discharge, aqueous cleaning
system, capable of removing both water-soluble or rosin-based flux residues
in addition to other contaminants that can impact
the long-term reliability of circuit board assemblies
Washer Dimensions 42 ¼” W x 47 ¾” D x 70" H
ID# 112821 /KR