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Equipment Manufacturing Corporation 85ESS Waste Water Evaporator_ID 140211

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Model Number : 85ESS
Serial Number : 4335498
Manufacturer: Equipment Manufacturing Corporation
Condition: Used


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Equipment Manufacturing Corporation 85ESS Waste Water Evaporator.
The Water Eater Model 85E is an electrically heated wastewater evaporator designed for the small to medium sized generator of wastewater.
Model 85E-SS 316L Stainless Steel version (tank, floor, lid, covers, and stack are 316L SS).
The unit can be filled three different ways: (1) Using the supplied 2" coupling on the top of the unit; (2) Remove the lid and manually pour in fluid; or (3) Using the optional 70 GPM self priming fill pump. After an initial heat up time of approximately one hour, the Model 85E will evaporate 5 gallons per hour of water.
When a cycle is completed the waste material can either be drained via a 2" drain opening, vacuumed out of the unit through the removable lid, with a wet/dry vacuum or pump, or, if it is a solid material, scooped out.

Asset# 140211/BA