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CAB MAESTRO 3 Economic PCB Depanelizer_ID001240

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Price: $2,500.00
Model Number : MAESTRO 3 E
Serial Number : 0001829
Manufacturer: CAB
Date of Manufacture: N/A
Dimensions: 28x14x18
Condition: Used


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The Maestro 3 separates both small and large pre-scored PCBs. The circular and linear blades made from a special steel ensure a long service life. The pre-scored grooves can be interrupted by any number of cut-outs.

The clearance between the circular blades can be precisely adjusted with the rotary knob and is shown on the scale. Tests have revealed that the larger the clearance between the circular and linear blades, the smaller the stress produced during the separation process.

During the operation, the PCB is placed with its pre-scored groove onto the linear blade and the circular blade is then drawn by hand across the PCB. The clearance between the upper guide and the linear blade is adjustable to ensure that the PCB is only separated in the pre-scored groove. On the Maestro 3E, the table and back rest can be adjusted with a wrench to the best working position. The gap between the linear blade and the unit can be adjusted to ensure that the waste strips fall through and are sorted out.