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Heller 1500 Reflow Oven 1500SX ID_001351

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Heller 1500 Reflow Oven 1500SX. $7499
This item is USED.
Item is sold as pictured.

Specs from manufacturer:
*Mesh Belt Conveyor
Conveyor Height From Floor: 35"+3/-2"
Maximum PCB Width: 22"(56cm)

Conveyor Length On-Load: 18"(46cm)
Conveyor Length Off-Load: 18"(46cm)
Heated Tunnel Length: 72"(183cm)
Maximum Conveyor Speed: 76"(193cm)/min
Conveyor Speed Control: Closed Loop
Process Clearance Above Mesh Belt: 2.3"(5.8cm)

Clearance Above Conveyor Pins: 1.2"(3cm)
Clearance Below Conveyor Pins: 1.2"(3cm)
Length of Board Support Pin: 0.15"(3.8cm)
Minimum/Maximum Board Width: 2.21"(5-53cm)

*Forced Convection Zones
Top 5
Bottom 5

Heater Type: Instant response open coil
Warm-Up Time From Cold Start: 15 minutes
Profile Change Time: < 5 Minutes

*Temperature Control
Accuracy of Temperature: ± 1°C
Cross-Belt Temperature Tolerance: ± 3°C
Heater Wattage Per Zone: 6000w
Temperature Range Standard: 25-300°C

*Cooling System
Number of Internal Cooling Zones 1
External Cooling Zone 0

*Electric Supply
Power Input (3 phase) Standard 208 or 240 volts
Warm Up Current 100 amps @ 208v
Run Current 45 amps @ 208v

Overall Length 134"(340cm)
Overall Width 36"(91cm)
Overall Height 54"(137cm)
Net Weight 2000 lbs. (900kg)
Shipping Weight 2500 lbs. (1127kg)

Must Ship as to below or Free Local PickUp
•Air-Ride Trailer
•No CrossDock & No Transload
Will Ship International- Contact Us for details.
Technician on Staff to answer your questions.
Asset # 001351

LOC: TBD Cart Shelf 01_08_2021 - RMW

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