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KIC X5 Thermal Profiler_ID 53680

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Price: $3,999.00
Model Number : X5
Serial Number : XF-020074
Manufacturer: KIC
Condition: Used


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This new and improved thermal profiler hardware is designed to withstand the roughest and toughest daily handling. In addition, the electronic circuitry has been changed to tolerate a higher level of voltage spikes.

The X⁵™ thermal profiler is available in 7, 9, and 12 channel versions using standard type K thermocouple connectors. Acquiring more data in a small unit is only the beginning. The X⁵’s industry leading performance provides better data acquisition to precisely identify what is going on with each thermal profile and process in the factory. Thermal profile data are conveniently transferred to your computer via a USB connection. The X⁵’s RF version transfers the profile data in real time to the PC via wireless radio frequency transmitters. Standard AAA batteries power the X⁵ and you have the option of using rechargeable batteries if you prefer. The X⁵ is also powered via the USB cable when connected to a computer, bypassing the batteries, thus extending the duration of their use.

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