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Moeller P1-32 Disconnect Switch 30A 600V with CIK Insulated Enclosure Asset# 54088

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Price: $99.00
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Condition: Used


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Moeller P1-32 Disconnect Switch 30A 600V with CIK Insulated Enclosure. $99. This item is USED but should work as intended. This item came from a working environment. THIS ITEM COMES WITH WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PICTURES IF YOU DON’T SEE IT, YOU PROBABLY WON’T GET IT. as/is P1-32 rotary switches can be used for numerous switching and control tasks. For example as On-Off switches, main switches, main/auxiliary current control switches, instrument switches. P1-32 switches consist of a handle, the basic switch and the mounting accessories. The contact chamber (contact unit) contains 1 or 2 contacts P1-32 disconnect switches are manufactured without PCB, CFCs, asbestos and silicone. The contacts are cadmium free. The CI-K insulated enclosures for P1-32 switches are silicon-free. Asset# 54088 LOC: STORE Cart 10 Shelf D 03_09_2020 - RMW