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TRI Test Research TR7006L SPI 3D Solder Paste Inspection_ID 140287

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Price: $9,500.00
Model Number : TR7006L....$9,500.00
Serial Number : T200-850121-003
Manufacturer: Test Research, Inc
Date of Manufacture: 2009
Condition: Used


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TRI Test Research TR7006L SPI 3D Solder Paste Inspection
Vintage: 2008
High speed 3D Solder paste inspection system
Board size: 18" x 20" (460 mm x 510 mm)
The TR7006 three-dimensional Solder Paste Inspection System tester can quickly detect the thickness of every solder joint and any open or short circuits.
With this, the long-existing handicap with two-dimensional testing is solved. The System targets small products and prevents them from having bad connections as a result of small solder joints, lack of solder, component vibrations and heat expansions.
Main General Features:
• Ultra High Speed
• Immediate identification of Solder Paste Defects
• Fast, Easy Programming

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