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Newport BGS80PP Motorized Goniometer ID_000945 (5/22)

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Price: $3,499.00
Model Number : BGS80PP
Serial Number :
Manufacturer: Newport
Dimensions: 14x10x7
Condition: Used


Weight: 5.00 lbs
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Newport BGS80PP Motorized Goniometer
The BGS80PP is not equipped with an encoder and position is attained by the number of commanded steps or micro-steps. The high output torque of the stepper motor, combined with extensive performance tests, ensures position accuracy as long as the recommended load and torque are not exceeded. The BGS80PP provide very high motion sensitivity with good linearity between commanded micro-steps and the actual motion of the stage. BG Series goniometric cradles rotate on a transverse axis above the platform. Compared to full 360 ° rotation stages, they offer maximum free access to the rotating part and allow construction of very compact multi-axis rotation assemblies. BG cradles are designed so that orthogonal mounting of two adjacent-size cradles (e.g., BGS50 and BGS80) provides two perpendicular rotational axes intersecting at about the same point in space. Mounting a rotation stage under the assembly adds a third orthogonal rotation axis through the same point. Precision rotation is ensured by a precision ground, hardened worm gear drive. Single row ball bearings and precision ground tool-steel races ensure smooth rotation with minimal wobble and eccentricity. A home switch, conveniently located at the center of travel, facilitates the return of the platform to a level position.

Asset #000945