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Rifocs 575L Power Meter

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Price: $249.00
Model Number : 575L
Serial Number :
Manufacturer: Rifocs
Dimensions: 12x10x4
Condition: Used


Weight: 5.25 lbs
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Rifocs 575L Power Meter

- These units are sold individually and differ slightly cosmetically and accessory wise. Model numbers and function are identical.
- One unit includes a 575L-HI3 Detector Remote. You may or may not receive this unit.
- Multiple units have sold, the remaining unit is the one with the 575L-HI3 detector remote.
- Datasheet:

• Maximum performance from +3dBm to -80dBm.
• Absolute power reading accuracy ± 0.25dB.
• Automatic zeroing.
• Ratio measurements for up to 15 channels.
• RS232 interface for remote control.
• I2C Interface.
• Parallel Printer Port Interface.
• All fiber optic wavelengths.
• all fiber optic connectors.
• Daisy chain capability.

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