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Recycling Overview

WESecureIP and World Equipment Source are owned and operated under R1 Source, Inc.

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WESecureIP Services Overview

The need for data security is paramount in a business environment where intellectual property and data are imperative to drive competitive advantages in the marketplace. Now, more than ever, your competitors are seeking to reverse engineer your technology.

Intellectual property data contained in obsolete electronics hardware is an easy target when sitting in the garbage behind your buildings or waiting to be processed by the local recycling center. Companies like yours do not have a solution in place to both safely and responsibly dispose of these highly sensitive materials, which is where we come in.

WESecureIP is the all-encompassing solution for intellectual property and data destruction. We offer certified pickup, destruction, and recycling services that will protect your company’s valuable intellectual property and data.

Your materials will be safe with us. We fully document the entire process, from pickup to handling, to recycling or destruction of the materials, providing confidentiality and accountability.

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